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©2019 Authorized by Byrd for Bowie, Mike Rauck-Treasurer


The voice and power of the people is central to a real democracy. The input, ideas, opinions, desires and concerns of the citizens need to be acknowledged; and as best possible, the Council should earnestly try to act upon those concerns. ALL of Bowie's citizens should be granted an active role as decision makers of the policies and systems that affect our daily lives. Bowie is a diverse community, made up of various race, age, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds. Too often, the voices of our senior citizens and young go  unheard, as well as our citizens on the lower end of the income spectrum. Mike believes in the incorporation of ALL citizens within our City governance—for no group of citizens should have more influence than another group. Mike believes in the power of citizen-involved committees and advisory boards, along with citizen working groups on key City issues like economic development, sustainability, and education. With social equity spread throughout the City, everyone has a vested interest in the success of Bowie.