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©2019 Authorized by Byrd for Bowie, Mike Rauck-Treasurer


The economic vibrance and development of Bowie is essential for our growth and attraction of new businesses and new residents. This growth needs to be controlled and metered such that it aligns with the City's strategic plans. Mike, in concert with fellow councilmembers and citizens will develop innovate plans to attract new businesses to Bowie, such as utilizing Private-Public Partnership (P3) incentives to fuel funding requirements. New residents require housing and increased City support services. With the proposals of new commercial and/or residential development projects, Mike will ensure the Council employs smart strategic planning to yield smart growth. This will involve a detailed holistic review of the impacts to the City’s ecosystem—infrastructure, schools, environment, and the citizens’ quality of life. Bowie's most important stakeholders are its residents. Their input will be most welcomed and warranted.